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This Couple's Wedding On A Rope Net Over A Canyon Just Raised The Bar To New Heights

It wasn't just any rope net the couple got married on. It was a rope net made with looooooove. According to The Hearnes, the best man of the wedding, Andy Lewis , created it for them and made sure it was secured on all sides to ensure their safety. He also happens to be into extreme sports because, well, duh, why wouldn't he be?. And, don't worry, the couple didn't sacrifice having a traditional aisle at their wedding just because they were balancing in midair. Andy (what a hero, amiright?) added an "aisle" section to the net for them to walk down. And Andy wasn't their only friend who also happened to be an extreme sports enthusiast. In fact, The Hearnes writes that one of Kim's favorite things about GGBY is " the amount of things going on in the relatively condensed space. " So she kept that trend going by enlisting the help of some of her most athletically inclined friends. Throughout the ceremony, she had friends doing aerial stunts, acro-yoga, flying over the nuptials in paragliders, and walking high-lines. As if all of this wasn't wild enough as it is, Kim and Ryan's " flower girls " literally parachuted off the edges of the cliff one-by-one, while wearing tutus and releasing thousands of flower petals.

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