The Challenges Today For Prudent Wedding Planning Programs

Russell Repkies home was right in the path of the EF-2 tornado. He said some of the debris came from his own home, but the rrest came from miles away. said he has found everything from wood, tin to papers. Clearing away items on his 26-acre property has taken months. However, on Thursday he found something unexpected.At first, he thought it was probably just some more tin off somebodys roof, but after he and his wife checked out the shiny material they found a golden box. I lift it up and its heavy. I thought, theres something in there and she opens it up and says its somebodys wedding dress, Repkie said. Russell posted a picture of the box on Facebook.In just two hours, Denise Ferguson contacted Repkie saying the dress was hers. Denise Ferguson gazes down on the wedding dress she never thought shed see again. (WTVC) She sent us a picture and my wife and I said at the same time thats it,' Repkie told WTVC . When Ferguson, who lives about a mile away, was reunited with her dress she was in shock.

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